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Pathogen II | Players' Choice III  



The Beginning

The game was initiated by Mike Renken, a good friend of mine. Many of old Planeteers from a former German mailbox started in Basaltfaust. The game was open end. The players were mixed, from Rookies to Veterans.

The first 20 turns nothing unusual happened, except of a misunderstanding between Colonial and Fascist. The Colonial was Veteran, the Fascist Rookie. By the way, the Fascist died … ;-) A few of the players decided to play only every third Host run or so, and after 20 turns the Federation and the Crystal Player have been changed to C-Player.

I arranged with my neighbour, the Rebel, and started to send Probes in every area of the universe. I preferred areas with few distances from star to star, and as far away as possible from the other races. So I had time to assimilate planets and build new bases, to get autark areas. I think, this is a good strategy for the Borg in the beginning.

Turn 20-50

After about 20 turns, I was just going on, to take the C-Player-Federation, the Colonial, Mike Renken, started to break into my area and took about 10 of my planets. I had e few Cubes that time, but low on fighters. But also the Colonial wasn’t so strong, to kill more of my territory. In the same time, the Privateer and the Robot fought against the Empire with success. The Empire lost more and more capacity. I was angry about the Rebel, as I saw, he wasn’t good as ally. In turn 30 or 40, a new player arrived for the Federation and the old player of EE started as new player for the Crystal. I started a new alliance with the Crystal and cancelled the alliance with the Rebel. Although I was already very strong and had the Crystal as ally, the Federation decided to fight against me and wondered later about the Crystal’s help for me. But he knew about our alliance. The Federation broke his own neck. Planet by planet I took his territory.

Turn 50-100

After about turn 50 a world war started. The Colonial was allied with the Privateer and the Robot. I was allied with the Crystal and the new Rebel player. After the assimilation of the Federation a great war began between this two alliances. I had never seen so many Webfields, Cubes, and Virgos in one game before. But the force of both alliances was quiet equal. So there weren’t big changes in the main territories. Only in areas far away planets changed from one race to another and back. Oh, there was also the Lizard. He wasn’t played a long time, and the second player was not in the two parties. He did his own thing and fought a little bit with the Crystal.

The End

After a break of two months (one of the players, the big one in one of the two alliances had server problems), and after recognising, that in the next future none of the two alliances will win, or even go in that way, most of the players decided to end the game. For me that was good, because I was on the first place, and also the game robbed much of my time.

I would like to thank the Crystal and the second Rebel for the good work and co-operation. I hope, I see many of the players in the next game …

T.Feldhaus, Germany