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Vanilla V | Harsh Realm II  

Extinction Agenda II

Chronological order of events:

Fascist killed Evil Empire

Birds Killed Lizards

Fascist killed Privateers

Rebels killed Cyborg

Birds killed Feds

Fascist killed Colonies

Robots killed Rebels

Birds killed Crystals

Birds killed Robots

Facist call no joy and game ended

It all started in a far, far away galaxy, whoops, wrong story. This is a game the Birds should win. A Darkwing wins every time it fights a Flagship.

I built a Darkwing with x-rays & Mark 7's. I built another Darkwing on turn 2 and saw my first victim, the Lizards, he moved a ship away from his homeworld in plain sight, kinda like a target with the arrow pointing away! I knew I would get the first kill, so I sent my 2nd Darkwing in that direction. Before I could reach him the Fascist had killed the EE.

After seeing my other neighbor I built only Darkwings with heavy phasers & mark 7's. The Crystals are a tough race and I knew it. I took a starbase from him early on. He sent a message to me saying " I have made one bad enemy ". I built 17 Swift Hearts from this starbase and he later came and killed everyone on them with his Golems. He had teamed up with the Robots. Now, Crystals with Golems and protection from Webmines and Robotic mines are one tough opponent. I did not tell the Crystals that the Rebels had ground assaulted my homeworld either. I am sure he would have came over to help! I killed the Feds and then killed 3 Merlins owned by the Colonies before the fascist killed the Colonies’ Flagship. We talked with each other after that campaign and we agreed to save each other for last. No, we did not exchange turns.

The Crystals and Robots took 5, no 10, OK 15 ships from me. They had

Over 100 minefields, Webmines and Robotic mines and I maneuvered through them all. Yea, right. If you want to know how I did it, then do as I did. Read! May I suggest Pick's site for strategy. Pick has some great links there also, like Donovan’s. GREAT KNOWLEDGE CAN BE OBTAINED FROM THERE! Anyway, back to the story, After receiving the turn after killing the Robots, 41kb zipped, the Fascist and I agreed to wait 5 turns before attacking each other. After 3 turns the Fascist called no joy and the game ended.

All players made mistakes, now how many of players left their homeworld with that Flagship (Merlin) with supplies and clans and did not have "NAL" as FC! LOL. OK, there you have it.

Ruffin Brown