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Blind Blitz II | Andromeda Epsilon  

Game 792

The New Land War

Player : MC_Ole
Race : Robot
Host : Robomaster
Game : 792
Game informations: long distance around a random point of the map.
addon : explore map, raceplus, clear score

chapter one: the beginning

We enterd new space. We have never been there before, and there weren`t even maps about this cluster. in the first few month we tried to colonies new planet that we found. most planets were hot as hell or cold as ice. you can imagine we couldnt find any natives on those planets. after a good year we managed to build some freighters and colonise to the west, north and east. the soth was were we were from. a month later the good news of a warm rich on mineral planet gave us hope. we setled there. and found natives. they were like insecs, so we called them insectoides. they goverment allows us to get taxes from them. we thought that there are probably more planets like this around and followed the east direction. our scouting freighter found sme planets. but after 6 month of colonising planets in that direction, warships entered our gravity belt. a race calling itself the feds, began a horrible attack on our new colonies. our first warship, we called it an instrument for war, went of to show them. they fled. but not because of us, as we got to know some month later, when we arrived at their Headquater. a so called rebellion was sending many huge battlecarriers to the fed, and also to us now. because they came that unexpected, we called them "rush carriers". we needed to develope a bigger battlecruser against them fast.

Part 2 - The new Friends

Little later we met ships, able to cross more then 100ly in one turn. the ships (we called them hoppers) were from two diffrent races. the one of them, calling themself allknown race (indeed, they always knew many secrets about our colonies), told us we should surrender to them. what an arrogant race. the other race, send out friendly greetings to us, was half human half mashine. they didnt tell there name, but they were somewhat strange in there behaivior. we accepted friendly relationship, cause we needed our battlecrusiers against this rushing race. then, our engenieers finally developed our most powerful warship, we ever build. it was like a big brother for our empire. we coudl control this "brother" so we called it Golem. they were even more powerful then thoose rushes. from then on a long war began. we send out many of thoose warshp, and were suprised howw many of thoose rushes were already waiting. but this rebells seem to have some problems with our attack. not, that they couldnt defend themself, but another race was attacking them, too. we scanned an explosion of some partols and a rush from the other side of the rebell terrytorry. the other attacker couldnt be found by us. we scanned but did not find anything. no ships flying arround, nothing. was this the end of the "coattacker" ? no. a massive fleet suddenly appaerd on our border to the rebell. a report from our outpost may show this right: "All normal, no rebell activities. Scanning a little freighter about 120 ly in rebell space. hmm somwhat must be wrong with the tachion scanner. damn its damaged agian. there must be a huge fleet to reach this scale. hehe. damn, reprator Chraktir, order a new... aahh what that. damn, help, about 10 big bttlaships are .. are .. are dman they are therew, out of nothing... red alert, battlestations.." we werent attacked by them, it was a "cloaked" Scout fleet. they need fuel for moving back to the rebel. wioth the help of this.. hidden race, we crushed many parts of the rebell empire. through this, the goverment of the rebell empire was pushed. no new high conicl was ordereing the fleets, qnd from than on it was easy to take this race out. out of this partership growed a big alliance. the even showed there colonies to us. we shared our tactical datas. short before we crushed the rebell , our colonising freighters, flying in the other direction then to the rebell, met an allianz. A race of lizards and a crystaline race, were attaking a friend of my "friend" the cyborgs. They wanted us to attck those, but we said no. from this point on, cyborgs declared wear on us. our hidden friend showed them, this was a mistake. we happily noticed the ammount of warships they were building. all with this strange ability to cloak. we showed them how to throw the minefields 4 times of the efficence they were doing till then. this combo´ of cloaked minethrowers wass deadly. we managed to claim a huge terrytorry soon. known left races in this sector: the allainz crystall/lizard and their "friend" the privateers. the allianz cyborgs (almost dead) with a race of colonist this allknoing race must have died, very quikly, we never found out how killed them. we also found the rests of a dead race of warriors. and of course we and the very mighty hidden race. (to be continued)