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Mas Tequila

Winning Mas Tequilla

By Hervé Kronen

Pick asked me to write a little summary of how I won Mas Tequila so here I go.

Well, I played the Borg and decided to start up like any game and try to get my economy going before looking at the Tequila score.

I managed to get in the lead quickly by using common Borg tactics (send out probes and let them assimilate everything in reach, followed by Fireclouds that build up a chunneling network) PLUS, and much more important I think, I was able to get allied to my neighbours (Crystal and Birds) so I could develop well enough to be able to defend myself soon.

By turn 20 I had much more planets than anybody else and began to build up my Kaktus Score. In my opinion there are two ways to win this game. First like always being aggressive and get your score up by taking over enemy kaktus planets but also a defensive tactic by having more kaktus planets then anybody else and protect them. I decided to play it defensibly since I already owned a lot of planets and had even more in my direct reach.

Another thing that brought me to playing it defensibly was the fact that the Privateers turned out to be near and started to rob. So I began to use most of my money to build mines and only had like two battle ready cubes ready to be chunneled where they might be needed. Since I was absolutly positive that the Privateers knew my homeworld I stripped it of all ships and only used my backyard bases for ship building. I really think that the game would have been much closer if the Privateers would have really gone after me. (I think they were allied with the Bot´s and the Lizards). But for some reason they soon dropped out and were played by the Q (who turned out to be really stupid). So I barely had any battles to fight my territory was pretty much mined everywhere and no real enemy in sight.

I mainly spent the last 15 turns watching my kaktus score rise till the end was reached. It would be interesting to hear why nobody (besides my allies) ever tried to attack me and keep me from winning the game. All in all the game was pretty easy to win since nobody really attacked me and as the Borg it’s not too hard to get the lead in planets.