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Bandit Lords II | Battle of the Ivar Nebula  


Pathogen Victory Write-up

The Fascist victory in Pathogen was made possible by a good economy and attention to detail. The Fascist and Lizard faced the Borg, Crystal, Colonies and Rebel. The above combination is impossible to beat if well played. The Borg made the classic mistake of holding the majority of his fleet at his home world and exposed to pop ships. The Crystal laid maximum diameter web fields. Many small fields would have been infinitely more effective. And lastly, the friendly code to the web field surround the Borg home world was NUK. As a result I was able to pass through the field at will. However, I did use caution to not alert the Borg or Crystal that I had discovered the friendly code. All of these elements made it possible for me to attack his standing fleet in force with many pop ships. Therefore I always won the ship exchanges and gained more priority build points. My star base advantages allowed me to continue to rebuild. The other side became demoralized and hoisted the white flag.

Wyvern - Nov 2000