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Bandit Lords II


on Bandit Lords II

By the Borg player, Torsten Feldhaus

The Beginning

After not playing the Borg for about two years, I was very motivated for this game. Like all Borgs should do, I built Probes, Probes and Probes and jumped around to assimilate as many planets as I can. After about 5-10 turns I reached my borders. My beginning position was at the left side of the galaxy. Now I saw the Birds in the north, the EE in the west and the Robotic in the south. Also the Rebel begun to visit me with his Falcons and demolished my planets. I didn’t want to make an alliance with the Bird or the Rebel. So I sent a message to the EE and the Robotic and offered them an alliance. The Robotic answerded first, but wanted me to make with no other an alliance. I agreed and ignored the later message from the EE. Then I was very busy, assimilating the planets in my area and building starbases for cube production.

The middle part

After about 20 turns, the Rebel stopped his visits, because of getting problems with my ally, the Robotic. The funny thing is, that the Rebel didn’t know about the alliance, and tried to suggest the Robotic, to fight with him against me. Later I heard, the Rebel got very angry because of my Borg like messages ( you will be assimilated ...), and spoke with a very slanderous tongue about me. Never mind, at least he lost.

The Bird in the north now begun a little war of nerve against me by sending cloaked Resolutes to my smaller planets and taking them. I had two Biocides allready, but less on fighters. I asked the Robotic for fighters and decided to build one or two Annihilations, to send them to the Bird. They could build torps on their way.

The EE in the west was very quiet. I wondered, what that guy was up to.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, the Colonial took his first enmy homeworld near turn 25. I knew, I have to hurry, but less fighters and no enemy homeworld in my scanners.

After about 30 turns, I got enough fighters from the Robotic to send the first Biocides to the Bird, but stop, what was that ? The EE begun to send Star Destroyers and Star Carriers into my area and took my planets. So I had to correct my plans and send the

Biocides to the EE to begin a war with that incalculable guy.

Taking Homeworlds

From turn 30 to 40 I had enough to do by catching the EE ships on their way to my planets. I wondered, how many fuel this ships must have to get so deep into my area without landing on a planet. OK, at least I catched all EE ships, went straight on to his area and at least took his Homeworld. By this way I must say the EE didn’t have only one Gorbie !!! I wondered again, but better so, I thought.

Meanwhile, again in another part of the galaxy the Priv seemed to had taken the Crystall‘s Homeworld from the Colonial. So the Colonial made it up to two priority points and then the Priv started getting them. I wondered again ;-))

OK, I must say the Colonial made a break for many turns. In that time the Priv took the Crystall’s Home from the Colonial, or so. I don’t know it exactly ...

After taking the EE Home I started searching the Bird’s and helped my ally, the Robotic by taking the Rebel’s Home.

After about 40-45 turns, the Colonial took back the Crystall’s Home from the Priv and a few turns later the Lizard took the Priv’s Home, what a pitty ... ;-))

The last turns

From about turn 45 to the end at turn 60 nothing new happened. Each race, who had gotten Homeworlds, spended time by counting their invasion points, nothing more.

That and the fact, that the first three places were saved was the cause for most of the players to vote finally for a earlier ending of the game.

It was bad, that my ally, the Robotic took his first Homeworld only a few turns before ending. So he hadn’t got a chance to get into first three positions, what had been our plan in the beginning of the game.


At least Bandit Lords II was not a spectacular game. The enemy races around me weren’t bad, but also not aggressiv enough. The alliance with the Robotic, in the beginning of the game had saved me the victory. Thanks for good work to the Robotic from here !!! But I must also say, that I am usually so strong as my enemies. So, they weren’t very strong, better say aggressiv, I prefered to cool down and save power for later attacks, that have never happened .... Last thing, I wish all players of Bandit Lords II good luck for new games !!! Thanks, Pick !

Torsten Feldhaus / Germany